Welcome To The Super Scribblenauts Wiki!

Super Scribblenauts is the hit sequel to the popular Nintendo DS game, Scribblenauts. This wiki has everything you need to know about the game, including level guides, characters, glitches and more. Also remember: You can write articles about ANYTHING in Super Scribblenauts, like "Bathtub", "Flying Bathtub", Flying Polka-Dotted Bathtub" and even "Flying Polka-Dotted Winged Purple Alive Angry Bathtub"!

This wiki was created August 23rd, 2010.

Super Scribblenauts

Super Scribblenauts is a game where you can make anything you want by writing objects. You can also use adjectives to make things like purple tree, blue ape, flying bathtub, ect. You can also combine adjectives to make bizzare objects. You can use these objects to help Maxwell get to the Starite.

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