an om nom nom nom is a fake, poorly edited nonexistent internet meme. it looks sort of like a desk with, uhhhh..... I don't know what it is, but i think it's a propeller, and poorly drawn angry eyes, a nose that is also the part of a propeller that is attached to helicopters, that is broken, and also teeth, i think?

Om nom nom nom


  1. it's made of... I don't know i think, like, stone or metal, you can't use it on any Level Editor Formats, though, because the image is just a poorly made edit of the desk sprite, and doesn't actually exist on the know your meme, or in Super Scribblenauts, and if it actually DID exist on know your meme, and the image wasn't a poorly made edit of the desk, then you wouldn't be able to make it, because of copyright.