The flying death glitch

1. Make a giant robot cage (contaner).

2. Shoot it with a stun gun. It may take multiple times.

3. Put a prisoner in it.

4. Attach two wires (string) to both sides.

5. Attach one man to each wire.Do this fast

6. Wait a scecond and they will fly.

Go in restricted area glitch

1. Go to 8-2

2. Create shovel, spade or pickaxe.

3. Dig away all of the dirt.

4. Create a large immobile air vent

5. Make it blow you torward the door

6. Give the hero a weapon

7. If done correctly, you should be blown straight outside in the area you are not supposed to go.

I would like to note that you'll probably die when you reach the dragon.

make a tornado and a grapple hook then shoot the tornado the game will either freeze or go whitw